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The Dirty Celery Brody Club

The Dirrty Celery Brody Club
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Hello, and welcome to the Dirrty Celery Brody Club or more plainly, the DCBC. The DCBC is a group for fans of the breathtakingly talented and marvelously gorgeous actor Adrien Brody.

The DCBC is a sister community to the former dirrty_broccoli or the DBBC, Dirrty Broccoli Bettany Club, a group for the most fantastically hot and talented Paul Bettany.

Adrien Brody is an incredibly talented young actor and youngest man to ever win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his heartbreaking role as Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Jew persecuted in the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. FACT.

Adrien Brody is a sex god. FACT.

Adrien Brody, like the wonderful Paul Bettany, is an embodiment of all things good and lanky and wonderful. FACT.

Adrien Brody is Brodylicious. FACT.

Unlike the complicated legend of Paul & Dirrty Broccoli, Dirrty Celery was quite a simple inspiration... which is to say, this screencap from Summer of Sam, with Adrien on the left:

ahem, yes *note the celery in dear Adge's hand*

I was looking at this picture with the lovely peak_in_darien when I noticed the celery and joked about the celery being dirrty in obvious reference to the Dirrty Broccoli Club we both belong too. We found it hilarious and Peak suggested I start Dirrty Celery as a sister site to her DBBC. So here it is, the DCBC

Feel free to post anything relating to the lovely Mr. Brody including articles, news, quotes, stories, fics, poetry, slash, icons, pics, screencaps, or just good old fashioned fangirl squeeing

PLEASE NO abuse or slander